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Hot Dreams // Timber Timbre


Picture from last week when I was at a cool lake inside the crater of an inactive volcano!  Nicaragua 2014- Posada Ecológica La Abuela  ((Don’t delete the caption plz))

Another Sunday in The New York Times and we couldn’t be happier.
I’m sad and I want to have a lot of sex.

this place, the food, the music, the company. i fell in love today.
I’m so sore

Gym is killing me softly. I had the longest and warmest bath in the morning. It soothes it all : thoughts, soreness, cold. 

I am now going to have lunch out, and tonight we are going to the restaurant for my dad’s birthday. 

PS: I keep touching my ass. Happy me is happy.

Body appreciation post

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sophiaindigo a dit: You seem like the most beautiful happy soul. What's your insta? X

I’m not answering this privately, in case some of you guys also want to follow me on Insta! My username is @laura_prra
Thank you so much, this is such a lovely compliment you gave me here!

Concerts update

Rock en Seine (Arctic Monkeys, Lana del Rey, Flume, Blondie, Selah Sue, Portishead, Queens of the Stone Age, La Roux, Kavinsky, Crystal Fighters, Cage the Elephant, Warpaint…) - August 22nd to 24th

Passenger (need to buy the tickets)

Angus and Julia Stone (need to buy the tickets)

Dancing Years + Boy & Bear (I can’t get enough of them) - December 10th